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Terms Of Use

This agreement applies to your use of the online services provided through this website. By clicking the consent link at the bottom of this page, you indicate that you understand and accept the following terms and conditions of this agreement:

  • You agree to provide true, accurate and complete payment information.
  • You understand that all delinquent parking citations must be resolved prior to purchasing a parking permit online. (Delinquent citations are those citations that are overdue and have resulted in a hold being placed on a student account preventing course adjustments, registration, transcript requests and diploma receipt.)
  • You understand that you will be unable to purchase a permit online if you have any parking citations currently under appeal.
  • You understand that you are required to contact Parking Services via phone if you need a student hold indicator removed immediately and that customer service representatives are available during Parking Services normal business hours.  Furthermore, you acknowledge that the hold indicator will be removed only upon verification of the online payment and that all delinquent citations must be resolved before a hold indicator can be removed. 
  • You accept financial liability for any citations you choose to appeal via this website.
  • You assume full responsibility for violations or misuse involving either your vehicle(s) or your permit including instances where another driver parks your vehicle or displays your permit on campus.
  • You understand that, under no circumstances, may one student register another student's vehicle and that this restriction applies to all students including those of married status.
  • You acknowledge and accept that, for the convenience of using this service, you will be charged a fee of $2.50 per transaction in addition to the payment amount indicated.
  • By purchasing a parking permit, the purchaser certifies to being the registered owner of the vehicle or the spouse or dependent of the registered owner.

If you experience any problems while using this website, please contact Parking Services at 540.568.3300 during normal business hours or e-mail parkingquestions@jmu.edu

Note: Due to required backup procedures, credit card transactions are unable to be processed online between 4:15 AM and 4:45 AM daily.  

Click here if you accept the above terms of use.

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