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Summer Conference Parking Request Form

PLEASE NOTE: This form is for use by Summer Conferences Staff ONLY. All other event parking requests should be made with the Event Parking Request Form (6 or more visitors) or the Visitor Permit Request Form (5 or fewer visitors).

Please submit event parking requests at least ten (10) days in advance of the scheduled start time of the event. Fill out every field completely or with "N/A" if not applicable. Late or incomplete applications may delay processing.

Special Event parking permits are intended for visitors only. A visitor is defined as an individual not currently enrolled at, employed by, or compensated as an affiliate of JMU. Non-visitors displaying Special Event parking permits are subject to revocation of permit and a parking citation for displaying an invalid permit.

Parking permits issued to visitors do not guarantee a specific parking space. Permits do not allow visitors to park in specialty spaces such as Service Vehicle spaces, handicap spaces without proper handicap permit, or expired meters. Parking in Fire Lanes is prohibited at all times. Permits allow parking in specific lots or areas as indicated; visitors parked in lots not indicated by their permit are subject to parking citations. When directing visitors to park, please use the most current version of the campus parking map, located at http://web.jmu.edu/parking/parkingmap.pdf. Paper copies of the campus parking map are available upon request.

Section I
General Information
Name of Requestor:
Date of Conference
(single day or date range):
Name of Conference:
(all buildings and outdoor facilities):
Start Time (single-day conferences only): :
End Time (single-day conferences only): :
Estimated number of visitors:
Estimated number of vehicles:
Number of Visitor Permits needed:
Conference staffed by
JMU personnel? (Y/N)
Sponsoring JMU Department (if any):
Conference Coordinator:

E-Mail Address:
Section II
Arrival and Departure Information
Complete this section ONLY if attendees are staying overnight during conference.
        Time Range: : to :
        Time Range: : to :
        Buildings checking out:
Section III
Daily Conference Drop-Off/Pickup
Complete this section ONLY if conference will involve drop-off and pickup of attendees daily.
Location of drop-off/pickup:
Drop-off time frame: : to :
Pickup time frame: : to :
Section IV
Additional Information
Include any special parking needs such as loading/unloading, disabled parking, etc. Also note any oversize vehicles such as buses or trailers.
Please review to be certain all necessary information has been completed correctly before submitting your request. Errors or omissions may cause an unnecessary delay in processing your request.
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