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APRIL 2 & 3, 2003

Mission Statement

The Office of Sexual Assault Prevention is committed to 
enhancing the development of students by supporting, educating, and 
collaborating with them as they learn to make healthy choices.

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Sexual Assault Support Group
Contact Jill for more information at 568-2831.

Friends of Survivors/Male Support Group
Are you a man who knows someone who has been the victim of sexual assault?  Click on the logo to find out about the 1 in 4 Men's Program.


We are committed to raising the awareness of JMU students about the risk and prevention of sexual assault.  We offer counseling services and clinical referrals, educational materials, and programming.   We also provide an environment that is safe, confidential, empathic, and welcomes diversity.  We are located in the University Health Center, which is a one story brick building between Burruss Hall and Rockingham Memorial Hospital at the end of the "B" parking lot.  Simply come in the front door and walk straight across the lobby in front of the reception windows.  The Administrative Assistant's office is located in Room 4.

We have developed many pages of helpful educational material to assist you.  Please choose a topic on the left to begin.