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Fall 2012 Space Utilization: Academic Use

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) periodically collects data to measure the efficiency of academic space use. Demonstrating this efficiency is critical toward any University initiative to add instructional space for classrooms or laboratories. The Office of Institutional Research will generate JMU's data by joining inventory data with class section data. OIR will deliver "what is being taught, how many students are taught, and where."

Use these pages to see the class records that contribute to the current utilization statistics, below. They represent our best ability to see results based on SCHEV methodology. To find the most current University-wide utilization statistics, SCHEV standards, and links to searches by building and room, click here and go to the bottom of this page.

Note for Fall 2012: The results below are based on 11/1/12 class data and 11/1/12 inventory data.


Please click on the following link to download the power point presentation given by OIR and the Office of the Registrar in May 2006. It contains details still relevant to the Fall 2010 SCHEV Space Utilization Study. After you click on the link, you can either open the presentation in your browser, or save it to you preferred drive and then open it with MS PowerPoint.

 SCHEV Utilization Study May 2006 Presentation

Check here (search the JMU space inventory) to see if a classroom or class lab is coded "110" or "210" and included in this study. Open labs are not included in the study.

Use the PeopleSoft Student Administration System to update critical data that is missing from specific classes that meet in Classrooms and Class Laboratories (room use codes of 110 and 210). On the rare occasion that this is impossible, please contact the Office of Institutional Research, download this MS Excel file and follow the instructions inside.

SCHEV Utilization Study Add Record for Classrooms and/or Class Laboratories

Academic Departments: Important

The current utilization analysis presented in these web pages is based on PeopleSoft class section data and from November 1, 2012.

Department accuracy and completeness of PeopleSoft class data is important. Omissions may result in understating classroom or class laboratory utilization.

The most common problems in class meeting data are:

Other tips:

Utilization Statistics Fall 2012 (as of 11/1/12)

Room Use Code Room Use Description

Number of Rooms

Weekly Hours

Total Stations Scheduled

Total Enrollment

Weekly Hours of Room Use

Percent Occupied

Weekly Hours of Station Use

















SCHEV Standards (Formulas in parentheses)

Room Use Description

(Room Use Code)

Weekly Hours Of Room Use

(Weekly Hours/
Total Number of Rooms)
Percent Occupied

(Total Enrollment/
Total Stations Scheduled)
Weekly Hours Of Station Use

(Weekly Hrs of Room Use *
Percent Occupied)
Classroom (110) 40 60% 24
Class Laboratory (210) 24 75% 18

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