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Kevin R Hardwick
Jackson Hall, Room 201
MSC 2001
office phone: 540-568-6306
e-mail: hardwikr@jmu.edu
fax: 540-568-5808

Mailing address
James Madison University
History Dept MSC 2001
58 Bluestone Drive
Harrisonburg VA  22807

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Associate professor of history

Ph.D., University of Maryland

Fields and specialties
Early American intellectual history; Atlantic world; Anglo-American political philosophy

Teaching areas
Anglo-American constitutional thought, Atlantic world

Research interests
Political thought in the early Republic; ratification of the U.S. constitution  

Selected publications
“William Byrd II’s ‘History of Religion’”:  A Provincial British Gentleman’s Account from the Early Eighteenth-Century.”  Work in progress with Kevin Berland. 

Debating Slavery in the United States, 1689-1865, with Scott Hammond, and Howard Lubert, eds; Hackett Press, scheduled for completion 2012.

Classics of American Political and Constitutional Thought, with Scott Hammond, and Howard Lubert, eds; Hackett Press, 2007. 

 “The Presidency of James Wilson,” with Michael Taylor, White House Studies 9:4 (2009).

 “Anglican Moderation and the Virginia Founders:  the Ethical and Political Thought of Edmund Randolph” in Daniel Dreisbach, Mark Hall, and Jeffrey Morrison, Forgotten Founders on Church and Government, (University of Notre Dame Press, 2009.

Journal of Anglican and Episcopal History, Editorial board, 2007 - ; Burr Prize Committee, 2011, 2012.





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MSC 2001
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Jackson Hall Room 201
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