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P David Dillard
Jackson Hall, Room 211
MSC 2001
office phone: 540-568-3757
e-mail: dillarpd@jmu.edu

fax: 540-568-5808

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James Madison University
History Dept MSC 2001
58 Bluestone Drive
Harrisonburg VA  22807

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Associate professor of history
Coordinator and advisor, Integrated Social Sciences minor

Rice University

Fields and specialties
American civil war, history of the American South, military history, teacher education

Teaching areas
Southern history (Antebellum, Civil War, Reconstruction); military history (U.S., Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century World); Caribbean history (British and Spanish colonization and slavery)

Research interests
Civil war

Selected publications and presentations
Jefferson Davis’ Final Campaign:  Arming Slaves, White Unity and the Fight for the Southern Soul, under revision.

Rebels as Patriots: The Re-Imagination of Confederate Charleston.”  Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, March 2011.

 “Fateful Decisions:  Lynchburg, Virginia and Galveston, Texas Debate Arming the Slaves,”  Inside the Confederate Nation: Essays in Honor of Emory Thomas, LSU Press, 2005. 

“Can Our Slaves Save Us?: West Indian Planters and Confederate Planters Debate Arming Slaves,” Collected Essays from the African-American Military Experience Conference, 2002.

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