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Jessica B Davidson
Jackson Hall, Room 223
MSC 2001
office phone: 540-568-2697
e-mail: davidsjb@jmu.edu
fax: 540-568-5808

Mailing address
James Madison University
History Dept MSC 2001
58 Bluestone Drive
Harrisonburg VA  22807

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Associate professor of history
Coordinator, Women's and gender studies minor

Ph.D., Brandeis University, specialty if not History

Fields and specialties
Twentieth century Spain; women’s history, especially European women; comparative history

Teaching areas
World history since 1500; Modern European political, social, and women’s history, Spanish history, Latin American history, revolution and upheaval in modern history, comparative fascism

Research interests
Twentieth-century Spanish political, social, and women's history; women in right-wing politics and in dictatorships; Catholicism in twentieth-century Spain 

Selected publications and presentations
“Pilar Primo de Rivera: Reactionary Reformer during the Franco Dictatorship (1939-1975)” presented at the Southeastern Women’s Studies Association Conference, Atlanta, GA, March 2011

“Women, Fascism and Work in Francoist Spain: The Law for Political, Professional and Labour Rights,” Gender and History, July 2011.

"The Sección Femenina in Francoist Spain, 1934-1977: Women, Work, and Change” presented at the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, Ottawa, Canada, April 2010.




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