Making one of these common mistakes could add 1-3 weeks to your loan processing time.

Avoid the following three mistakes when completing a Parent PLUS Loan Application.

1. Do not submit an application before you are awarded.
          If you have not received an official award letter, have your student
          check in MyMadison to make sure the Fed Parent PLUS Direct Loan
          is listed.

2. Do not mistakenly submit a second application for the same loan.
          Call our office (540-568-7820) if you are not sure whether you have
          submitted an application or you need to increase your loan amount.

         If you need to decrease the loan amount on an application already
         submitted, go to  and click
         on Parent Financial Aid Change Form . This form allows you to
         enter the new, decreased loan amount.

3.  Do not enter a loan amount on the Parent Plus Loan Application
     which is greater than what you are eligible for.
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