Requesting a Blue Ridge Area Health Education Center Health Care Interpreter

Interpreters are available Monday through Friday, for day and evening appointments.
To request an interpreter:

1) Call Beth Rodgers at 540-568-3383.

2) You will need the following information:
        · Patient's name and age
        · Language he or she speaks
        · Patient's telephone number.
        · Date and time of appointment and reason for the appointment.
        · Where the patient is going for the appointment.
          Include address, floor and room number
        · Health care provider's name and work phone number
        · Name and address of where to send bill

3) Blue Ridge Area Health Education Center will arrange for an interpreter. He or she will      meet you at your appointment.

4) The interpreter will call you directly to confirm the appointment.

5) Beth Rodgers will call the health care provider once the interpreter is scheduled.

6) Please call two days before the appointment. This will help make sure that an      interpreter is available for you.

7) In cases of emergency, call Beth Rodgers at 540-568-3383.

Spanish, Kurdish, Russian, Arabic, French, and Ukrainian interpreters are available.

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This project is a partnership of the Virginia Department of
Education, James Madison University and the Workforce Improvement Network
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